How to identify the authenticity of mk package medium

Before the genuine MK bag is opened, there will be a larger transparent bag with the mk logo and English on it (but there may be written purchases that will be removed and not used for identification). After opening the big bag, the bag and every detail are It is wrapped in moisture-proof wrapping paper, and the zipper and leather buckle will be wrapped in two layers of paper, and the watermark of “MK Bags Black Friday Sale“, handwriting on the paper, fake bags generally do not have watermark

Every genuine MK bag has a dust bag. The mk dust bag has a delicate workmanship and a neat car line.
Genuine “MK Bags Wholesale China“, leather is very soft and delicate, and feels good. The fake skin on the outside may not be visible to the naked eye, but you can tell where it is different by touching it. The fake MK bag feels hard

The car line of the genuine MK package is thick and wicker, while the car line of the fake is relatively thin and very ordinary.
Hardware is difficult to imitate. The hardware parts of the genuine MK bag are all gold-plated, integrally formed, and the surface is uniform. The fake one will look darker, and the surface may have small pits or small protrusions, which looks poor.