Distinguish the difference between genuine and fake mk bags

MK Bags Wholesale China” , Distinguish the authenticity of mk wallet: look at the color of the pattern, if it is all brown, it means it is a fake, because the real one is a mixed color in coffee.

Wholesale MK Purses” , Looking at the car line, the fake car line is relatively thin and ordinary, while the genuine car line is thicker and wicker.

Macy’s Purse Sale Michael Kors” , Looking at the lining, the real lining is made of canvas, and the texture is thick, with obvious texture, but the cloth pattern of the fake is relatively fuzzy, and the obvious texture structure is not visible.

There will be a piece of leather in the small inner pocket of the bag with a unique number written on it, there will be no fakes, and the location will be wrong. The genuine leather, including this small piece of leather, must have a natural texture, but the fake leather has an unnatural texture.

Except for the part of the skin, even the metal buckle is also true and false. The key metal of the genuine buckle is bronze and dull in color, while the fake one is shiny gold and highly reflective.