How to open the MK bag with a metal buckle

There are metal connections on both sides in the middle. Press and hold the middle knob to turn it on. Use soap to spread evenly on the metal buttons, or find some lubricating liquid to spread around and try to open it. The metal buckle technology uses the plastic deformation or thermal expansion and contraction […]

There are a lot of MK tail orders out of the market.

American fashion brand, product line coverage: handbags, clothing, glasses, etc. A new brand, but Zhuan is very popular abroad. MK’s sales and popularity in developed countries such as the United States have been far from other second-tier brands such as COACH. There are a lot of “MK Bags Black Friday Sale“, tail orders out of […]

What grade is the MK bag?

What grade is the “MK Bags Black Friday Sale“, ? This Whitney leather zipper tote bag also made the best interpretation of this problem. The delicate textured calfskin makes the bag look full of style, and the simple silhouette perfectly interprets minimalism. The carefully polished texture zipper not only makes the zipper more smooth, but […]

MK’s bags are a popular brand in recent years, and there are many counters of it in many big shopping malls.

MK’s bags are a popular brand in recent years, and there are many counters of it in many big shopping malls. I believe many people know it better! MK’s more classic style is its lock “MK Bags Black Friday Sale“. There are many colors of the lock bag. If you choose it in summer, you […]

What brand is mk bag?

“MK Bags Black Friday Sale“, is a brand named after American fashion designer Michael Kors. He is a minimalist with a simple and clear design style, and he loves to sew clothes with high-end fabrics. In addition to the Michael Kors fashion show series brand, “MK Bags Wholesale China“, established two sub-brands, MICHAEL Michael Kors […]

MK is an American brand that has become popular in handbags and shoes

“MK Bags Black Friday Sale“, It is an American brand that is popular with handbags and shoes, and it is taking a pure and lovely route. It is well known for its simple and flexible shape, bright and bold colors and lively and interesting life attitude. It expresses the beautiful vision and fearlessness of the […]